Hi Folks,

So the Ohm Studio adventure is over. The server will be shut down on September 30th. It’s been a decade of love for music and joyful collaborations fueled by FLIP. We know it’s sad news, especially to those of you who have been such intense, epic users over the years - ohmless musicians, we salute you.

Now of course there’s that little matter of not losing all of those wonderful tracks. Cue in the amazing community, and especially Irockus, Jamie57lp, and Grooveman who have created wonderful tools to save a lot of bacon here.

First, there’s Grooveman MyOhmSessions that is invaluable for reviewing all of your projects (hundreds for many, thousands for a few madmen - Oh hello Herman!) and getting all of those mixdowns locally.

But it gets even better. We provided Irockus and Jamie57lp with the never-released Ohmstudio build that features… offline mode. It was too rough around the edge for us to release it (and PC only, which was an issue when there was still a Mac version to support too) but those two put a ton of work and it’s now working quite well (but still PC only)! Download your projects locally and open/edit them even after servers are closed. Of course, download your projects *while servers are still alive*

Find it here. And hurry up, it’s like in those movies when the floor is collapsing and you have to leave the room with the golden skull in hand.

Meanwhile, Ohm’s adventures continue! Find out about our new Ohmboyz Infinity and future plugins to come.

Take care and big big love,

The Ohm Team.