About Ohm Force

Ohm Studio is a product developed by Ohm Force, an audio software company based in Paris (France). Since 2001 we've been delivering cutting edge audio tools (plug-ins) for talented musicians/producers around the world, each plug-in having been awarded by the specialized printed and online press.

Ohm Boyz delay, Ohmicide:Melohman distortion, Quad Frohmage filter and Symptohm:Melohman synth are some of the Ohm Force plug-ins currently on the setup of superstar bands/producers such as Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Nine Inch Nails, Stuart Price and Tony Maseratti; but also on the sonic arsenal of thousands home studios in all continents.

In 2011, with already ten years of experience and 10 funky and inspirational audio plug-ins in its portfolio, Ohm Force goes for the next level reaching the Digital Audio Workstation universe. More than proposing a new software tool, it proposes a new concept: the Ohm Studio is the first real time collaborative music production workstation ever.

If you want to visit our plug-ins online store, drive your bike to www.ohmforce.com.



Ohm Force SARL
110 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis
75010 Paris, France

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