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Rev. 70232
22 August 2012
  • MIDI Channel: you can now select a MIDI channel on the Track Header to route MIDI events to that channel.

  • Automation improvement: when moving the Playhead, automated Parameters take the value of the Automation Point at the farthest left before the Playhead. Practically, when there is empty space between two MIDI Patterns which contain Automation Points for a given parameter, this parameter will take the value of the last point of the 1st Pattern when the Playhead is put between those 2 Patterns.

  • Fade in fix: Audio Pattern will play even if Playhead starts after its head.


  • Direct links to documentation from Dashboard and Audio preferences.


  • Email notifications preferences: you can now choose to receive only what you want by email. Go to your Profile page and click on Edit Profile.

Feature news 9 August 2012
10 August 2012


Having way more people make music together made us shiver with excitement but it also meant more lessons learned from a user-friendly and collaborative perspective. Discover new features such as MIDI export, bounce to new audio track, authorship information and others to come: MIDI channels, private tracks, and many more!

Last chance to pre-order at starting price
9 August 2012

Since 14 July, you can upgrade your account to lifetime subscriber for EUR 149.00 only.


This exceptional starting price is to increase over time as mentioned earlier.


The first increase will take effect on next Monday 13 August: after this date, the price will increase by EUR 25.


So hurry up to take advantage of the best opportunity when it's still time!


More details here.

2 August 2012

 The Rule 


"Ohmicide" is our 7th collaboration event since the launch of Ohm Studio's open beta. What happens at those events? Well now you have a video to get a glimpse of it:



Install Ohm Studio if not done yet, set up audio, MIDI & VST path at your convenience, check the basics, then connect this Saturday between 3 and 9 PM GMT (beware of the summer time offset!). Find "Red_Force" in the chat list and send me this code phrase "I am here for the kill" (or scream on the channel). Despite some possible latency I will quickly introduce you to a new Project with other ohmicidal maniacs.


In those, one rule: the Project must use at least 1 Ohmicide multiband dynamic / distortion FX plugin (coming with Ohm Studio). This weapon of choice can be put to good use with any source, drum, guitar, voice, ukulele, in subtle or nuclear ways. The Gourmets can even use its powerful Melohman ability (google that if you want to learn more!) to make the earth explode.

145 BPM
27 July 2012

 The Rule 


Do a project at 145BPM. That's all! Ah yes, of course, as usual you'll need Ohm Studio installed. Try to get your audio / midi / vst setup already, but you really don't need more - there are always some help around in the chan it you're struggling with something.

This time the projects will be publis for the duration of the event, but on sunday they'll get private to protect them from the wolves. That being said you can also create your own projects if you want something with only one language or if am not around (because, you know, of sleeping, eating, or my favourite soap opera). I'll be on & off on the chan if you need some help. But! Try to be there on rendezvous: it's always funnier to start in team already.



(please, don't assume you know when that is where you live and check with this kind of site.)

PS  latest events sessions below for your convenience!

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Styles: Rock
Moods: Bright


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Refuelled with Love_3
By: CoinOP, desktroll, flavio1967...
Styles: Pop
Moods: Bittersweet


Refuelled with Love_4
By: ciwolsey, Alexone, Griels, Red_Force
Styles: Electro, Experimental, Funk, Psychedelic
Moods: Effervescent, Energetic