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Rev. 69928
23 July 2012
  • New Feature: it is now possible to export MIDI events contained in your selected element (Pattern / Track / Plugin / Rack, or the whole project when no element is selected) from the File menu (or directy from the "right-click menu" for MIDI Patterns).

  • New Feature: it is now possible to bounce the output of a Rack onto a new Audio Track, for example to edit the waveform of a frozen Rack like an ordinary Audio Pattern.
    Select the Rack and open the Inspector or simply right click on a Rack (either in the Mixer view or on its Rack Header) to see the Bounce to new Audio Track options.

  • New Feature: there's an option called Follow Selection (available in the View menu) that, when enabled, makes the Sequencing Panel and the Gear Panel automatically scroll when you select an element, so that the element (e.g. a Rack) becomes visible in both Panels.

  • Improvement: Notes that have their end (i.e. their MIDI note off event) outside of a Pattern are no longer muted, but will play as if the note was cut by the Pattern's ending.

  • Improvement: it is now possible to change the folder used to store your audio cache (i.e. the folder that stores audio files used by your Ohm Studio projects).
    Select a new folder inside Ohm Studio Preference's Advanced tab.
    Make sure to copy all 3 existing sub-folders (i.e. "blobs", "main" and "peaks") inside your new sample cache folder while Ohm Studio is not running.

  • Fixed Bug: under certain circumstances, some Audio Patterns could not be heard during playback.
  • Fixed Bug: the selected chatroom was sometimes not highlighted in the bottom bar.
  • Fixed Bug: the network activity progress bars could sometimes get stuck after uploading / downloading of audio data was complete.
  • Fixed Bug: in double fullscreen mode, the Chat and the Gear Panel could not be resized.
  • Fixed Bug: in double fullscreen mode and depending on the way your 2 displays are set up, the Preferences and Export panel could be invisible or partially visible.
  • Various other minor bug fixes
Refuelled with love.
18 July 2012


 The Rule 


Do you know about Desktroll's "The Horrible, Horrible, Horrible Loving Song" infamous track?

1) Click there and listen to it. It's great. It even features "that funky horn player" as we've promised on the box. And it's entirely made with build in plugins so everyone can do everything on it.

2) This collab will works like that. The base project will be a clone of that song. Each collab group (or each first comer if collab groub isn't here from start) will pick one (1) track and on that track 4 (four) bars somewhere, then isolate it (scissors tool) then REMOVE EVERYTHING ELSE (tracks, clips), and start a fresh project that will feature the preserved 4 bars. Those can still be mangled, edited, timestretched, whatever your nasty mind can think of, etc.

Want to be in? Want to set up your own rendez-vous, at a different time / language? This way, people!


Warning: Access to the forum requires login.



And if you want to check what they/you did last time :

Cheerful #1

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Cheerful #4


Release date, pricing, pre-orders now available
13 July 2012


Ohm Studio, the first full-featured DAW for real-time online music production, has been in open beta since the end of May. It now features 14K users who created 21K projects - some solo, others collaborating with partners, and some others taking part in definitively fun public jam at weekly events. More importantly, the overall quality of the projects is pretty stunning and the Ohm Force team witnessed live how fast tracks were recorded and put up together, thanks to effective real-time collaboration.


End of beta


Ohm Force has now a clear plan on what will happen next:

  • Beta is planned to end in October and fluently transit to the release.
  • At that point, user-created content will not be deleted.
  • Buyers of the discounted pre-orders will enjoy full access to Ohm Studio for 6 months or forever (see below).
  • Non-buyers and newcomers will either go for the limited free account or the 9€/month standard subscription for full access.





Moreover, Ohm Studio users can now purchase one of the two pre-ordering options available here until the end of beta:

  • A 6-month pack for €39.00 instead of €54.00, starting as of end of beta
  • Or a pre-order exclusive lifetime subscription for €149.00.


Note that the price of the lifetime subscription will increase by €25 every month until the release, at which moment this offer will be removed.


Prices include VAT and will therefore be cheaper to non-EU residents. To learn more about our pricing policy, read our dedicated FAQ.



Rev. 69774
10 July 2012
  • Implemented bottom bar to toggle Panels, display chatrooms the user is in, display the number of contacts currently online, switch to full screen or double-screen mode.

  • Corrected double-screen for Windows. Some conditions, though:
    1. The graphic card must be compatible i.e. not too outdated.
    2. You must activate this in the Project environment. Dashboard environment may still cause troubles.
    3. Displays must have their tops horizontally aligned to avoid bugs, for example like this:

    This still needs improvement in the future. Please tell us if it doesn't work for you. Short description welcome.

  • Transport Bar now has a network activity indicator for two parameters:
    1. Transaction: messages sent to and received from the server
    2. Sample: downloading/uploading status of samples

  • Corrected a bug with MIDI import whereby Pattern name was not displayed correctly.
4 July 2012


This week's collaboration theme is pretty explicit: do something cheerful (or die trying).


Also note that in our constant effort to experiment on those events, we're moving to a new day - Saturday 7th that is. So pick one of the rendezvous on the forum (or show up on the chat at the proper time) and we'll make you join a cozy private project with one to three other volunteers... and there you go! Music collaboration. No other rules than the cheerful heads up (and tag for the project), no other point than good fun.


Now, people, attention, because after several tries, we admitted the following reality:


We Ohm Brothers mostly speak only English & French, and live (and sleep) according to French time. This means that we're a really poorly fit bunch to help Japanese, Russian or even USA West Coast to make their meeting. So we need... volunteers! Yes, that's you guys, or at least some (the bravest) amongst you.


For this, you need to speak one of those complicated languages (preferably in a population that isn't very fluent in English) and/or live far away from European time, and to be reasonably at ease with Ohm Studio (not expert, just a pair of hours would already be enough). Speaking English/French too is a plus. You are required to be helpful, even with noobs. If you know where to recruit participants, even better. Can you both animate and participate? Yes you can!


If you feel that I just made a striking depiction of you, please raise your hand in the forum.


All of these info now efficiently conveyed, why not give a listen to last week's entries?