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Cohmmunity Report #3
29 June 2012



This week's main spot was of course the survey. If you missed it, we sent a form full of sneaky questions to all & every ohmstudites and came back with the funniest thing on earth after hot chocolate: figures. Lotsa figures.


Now of course I can't tell about them, can I? Those things are corporate secrets and Yellow Force would probable beat the crap out of me if I told any (he's an handsome but violent man).


Oh but... what? He took a short break this weekend?


Ok! So. Figures it is, then.

First, at least 1116 of you completed that survey. Quite a big sample pool and a decent ratio: so first, congratulation to everyone!


Now let's pick the fact that I think are the most crucial :


  • 14 of you admit that their current DAW has an "awful Design & Workflow". Making music on a scientific calculator, people?
  • 17 are positive that online cloud based collaboration will never ever become a standard for music production. You dream breakers.
  • 493 explain they never really tried Ohm Studio but are kind enough to complete the survey anyway!
  • 205 Windows users are thinking that Audio Unit support has "no importance at all".
  • 100 think Ohm Studio Beta is already perfectly stable (see 2 points above).
  • 39 define themselves as spectators looking for talent. Somehow I feel like one of them.
  • 5 are wise enough to estimate that Audio Quality is of absolutely no importance in a musical production, probably remembering the legendary live recording from the 70s.
  • 83.3% said they would never spend €400 to purchase Ohm Studio. Note that I wanted to include a €4,000 price tag in the survey just for the sake of it but Yellow stared at me silently for ten minutes and I renounced.
  • 67 are concerned that Ohm Force may be crushed by a whale falling from the sky, terminating instantly all Ohm Studio services.
  • 782 think they will be crushed by a whale falling from the sky before they could take advantage of a €1,000 lifetime offer.


And that's it. What? No, I don't think there are other interesting facts in that survey, honest. Yellow? Yes, he's coming back on Monday. That guy with big strong hands. Did I tell you how he is studying martial art to "be able to kill 9,999 out of 1,0000 people he could encounter", to quote his very words? Fascinating guy!


And now without transition here's a random selection amongst some cool projects I bookmarked and another deep quote from the channel.


yesterday jam by nevoron
Probably something involving Ninjam and finished in Ohm Studio. Including "that funky horn player" from the Ohm Studio presentation some didn't believe in ;-)


99BPM_5_1 Clone
We're considering creating an "No Andy Mac" for the few projects he's not in. He's in this one, a remix of another one. Yes, he was in that other one too.


Feeling Scared
This is the first one that popped up in my nighty routine and frankly I see no reason to look for anything else. The two owners share the same name so I assume they're brothers. Although of course they can be cousins, or grandfather & grandson, or just coincidental homonyms. Hope they'll correct me in the comments!


Rev. 69688 released
28 June 2012
  • Added authorship information in the Inspector (for Racks, Plugins, Tracks and Patterns).


  • Added list of participants to the session in the Inspector, along with some functionalities such as "match John's mutes and solos".


  • Fixed buzzing sounds that could be heard in VSTs that don't support processReplacing.


  • More strict check for similar VST identifiers: Ohm Studio won't try to load 'Guitarist' instead of 'Guitar Rig' among other cases.


  • Corrected a bug where refresh button and chat textfield wouldn't be accessible in dashboard.


  • Corrected double-full-screen-related bugs.


  • Corrected a bug where sample downloading/uploading could fail.


  • You can hide / show the chat and mixer view (o and p shortcuts respectively).


  • Misc bug fixes in the Modular view.


  • Reduced occurences of disconnections from server.


  • Fixed sample download / upload and others problems for Windows users using a foreign locale such as Japanese or Russian.


  • You will now be clearly notified when an incoming update is on its way.


  • Misc fixes and improvements.
The Plague
26 June 2012

Don't ask, I just wanted to draw zombies (who could resist ?). My excuse is a Minimonsta Metapatch called "The Plague" (featured in Ohm Studio), and if you decide to jump into this week's collab, you'll have to use it somehow. That's the only rule!

Now this week we're shifting a day from Tuesday from Wednesday. We're also changing the time for Asia (earlier) and America (later). 


Oh, and congrats to everyone in the last sessions: the entries were quite impressive! (1 2 3 4 5).


If you're interested, subscribe in the collaboration forum.

Cohmmunity Report #2
22 June 2012


Yes indeed, here's a Japanese-themed cohmmunity report for you. You may remember from the last one that we had 425 profiles pretending they could read kanjis. One week later and they're up to 509. 20% up a week, I guess we can't complain considering we don't provide anything in Japanese.

Or do we? We are pretty lucky to have Tomoakix (a.k.a Jacky Ohtaka - don't know if this helps but you can try this...) on board with the cohmmunity since the launch of the Open Beta. Tomoakix has been playing with a band nicely named (Super stupid) then embraced the career of a movie composer. Now here's where this gets exciting: the other day (for him) / night (for me), we had a lengthy chat thanks to the mighty Google translator where we thought (at least I did) we were able to understand roughly 50% of what the other was saying. Which can be put this way:

1) Tomoakix has offered to compile the Ohm Studio online documentation in pdf translated into Japanese. Then he just did it. Here it is (you’ll also find a link in the footer and in the doc pages). Now, we can't check for spelling mistakes but Tomoakix said (or at least Google did) that he's done this for Reaktor as well. I did good in the negociation and paid him with links to his iTunes records: here they are (1  2  3).


(Me? I am from France.)


2) Even better. Tomoakix is a man with a plan. He's currently working on a movie score for his own movie company (my bet is on that one). Now what he wants is to complete the tracks through collaboration with... anyone who dares! The tracks are already fairly completed but there's still room for bold musicians. If you want to, click the link on the 3 projects (here, here, and here), hit apply, and try to explain in simple words that you want to join those projects (Google can help. A bit). 

Is that all? No. Our very own Yellow Force has been interviewed pre Beta by the japanese website ICON. Even if you don't speak Japanese there are plenty of pitctures of Castle Ohm Force. Also, Yellow Force is an handsome man.

Ok, that's all for now. This week's conclusion is left to Griels, from Ohm Studio's general channel:



It's a friendly place.


99 BPM!
18 June 2012


In short: meet other Ohmstudites on Tuesday 19th for collaborative fun. Only one rule this time: 99 BPM it shall be. Subscribe here.


Another week, another opportunity to refine our cohmmunity events. Not too much participants for the first one, although clearly some had fun! But hey, this time the theme doesn't implies you to hear hours after hours. It's rather simple actually: do anything you want, but do it at 99 BPM. 

The process will be slightly different to take advantage of our brand new collaboration forum. Just go there and follow the instructions. Although this time there is no closure for subscription and you can show up at the last minute, subscribing there to tell us when do you plan to join in is still a good idea. First that will make our lives easier; second that will allow to see first who will come when and spy their profiles to find secret love.

And as ever, feedback is welcome. What's nice, what's wrong, what could be great: tell us what you think!