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Cohmmunity Report #1
14 June 2012


Hello everyone! The Open Beta started two weeks ago and we felt that a kind of update about how things have been going so far would be of interest to most of you. The present bulletin is an opportunity to give you useful hindsight about what we're planning to do.


First, figures. You, people of the Ohm Studio universe, have now capped the 10,000 residents. It's less than a MMO, but unlike some MMO users, you guyz actually have real talent, which can be found using the search engine. To give you an idea, there are currently:

...whom you can all contact via private message, show your track to and ask for a mighty hand.


And if you're seeking to join some ongoing project, there are already some:

Projects as well. A good deal of the mare public, meaning that the door is open and that you can join right now.


Of course, members of the proud "cohmmunity" come from everywhere. Although the vast majority (6,000+) chose the tag "English", you can as well find 1,000 French speakers, 425 Japanese, 212 Swedish, 5 Italians, and... ok, just 1 Greek. For now!


Also for what it's worth, the most used mood tag is "Dark" (300) versus fewer "Bright" ones (106). Even worse, there are 250+ "Agressive" projects versus only 67 "Romantic". Death Metal, anyone?


Second, quality. In fact, creating thousands of "Just testing" accounts doing nothing except uploading a mixdown and running away would not really fuel a big firework of collanboration, would it? That's why it's good to see than in two week of a beta version - and from a crowd already owning top rated sequencers - emerged already plenty of pretty impressive projects. Some examples:


  • Take four experimented musicians, remove distance- and time constraint, and in a few days... rock happens. This is work in progress, but still, what a proof of concept!


  • In the meantime, Harry and Jamie never seem to stop adding one great pop song after another.


  • And, of course, we have plenty of digitalish sounding music too. Here's another power duo, Tank Head and Smash_Atoms, with an ode to Mr. Neumann.


We also tried to organize our very first cohmmunity event. Not a public success, we must admit (lots of subscribers didn't show up at all, grr!) but the few here had a good time widly composing with strangers. More importantly, we took good notes of everything that went wrong. We will try to improve things for the next one.


Oh, and obviously, beta being beta, there have been already 3 updates in the last two weeks. Check the latest release note.


That's enough for one day and we'll make it shorter next time. If you want to submit relevant info for the next reports, just send a message to Red_Force.

Rev. 69475 released
14 June 2012
  • Compressor: small bug fixes with the Compressor Plugin when used as an expander.


  • Chat: the left sections (i.e. Chatroom and Contacts) are now resizable.


  • Collaborative Freeze: added a warning dialog box when clicking on the Bounce Online button (i.e. "snowflake" icon) if the user does not have all the Plugins contained in a Rack (the user can also use  / ctrl + click to "force" the bounce and bypass the warning).


  • Collaborative Freeze: when a project is loading, there is now an option to automatically enable the bounced version (i.e. "speaker" icon) of a Rack where needed (e.g. some Plugins are unavailable on your computer but a bounced version is available). A message box explains what happens.


  • Chat: users are sorted by username, not activity status.


  • MacOS : disabled Growl notification for the General chatroom by default (the user can re-enable them if he wants to).


  • Other small miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.
Ohm Studio @Sonicstate.com
13 June 2012


Violet Force was invited last week to participate in a podcast by Sonicstate.com to speak about Ohm Studio. You can see him talk right from the very room we are preparing our world domination plan (fortunately enough, you can't really read what's written on the whiteboard).


Watch the video here if it doesn't display.

Tribute to Mr. Trololo
8 June 2012


We are organizing the first collaborative music-making sessions on next Tuesday night. Come meet 3 other musicians and make your tribute to this song by Mr. Trololo together! Just fill this form to participate.


Hi all and let us first say thanks to everyone for downloading and using Ohm Studio.


Let's face it: we ohmies love testing. Testing dyes on alive cat fur, experimenting with pop corn reversion with an Ohm Boyz army, and even trying to sell some t-shirts... Of course, now we're testing this Ohm Studio thing. Testing the application (ok, still a few bugs, but we're on it), testing the servers (still missing a step sometimes, we're on it), and now testing... cohmunity management. Yup, that's you guyz! We plan to (metaphorically) park you in corrals, whip your backs and ride around you in circles on our horses while shooting at the sky (or at squirrels, because we hate squirrels, especially when they have tits). Do you get the picture? Nice, eh? Now keep this landscape in mind and play this very soundtrack. Nicer!


For the few of you not is the know, you've just watched Eduard Khil, more famously known today as Mr. Trololo (guess why?). He who was a great singer and - as far as his interviews seem to tell - a great person, tragically left us a few days ago. Obviously, sir Khil has truly helped make the world a happier place so we told ourselves: "why not a tribute?". Because when you think about it, Ohm Studio is more than a sophiticated chat room: it's also a wonderful platform for tributes!


That's why we created a project for you. Included the classic ""Я очень рад, ведь я, наконец, возвращаюсь домой" soundtrack, with some little work already done (tempo track, a few parts). Right now, you can create to clone the project and mess around with it with your friends! And if you have no friend, or if you're excited to make new ones out of internet unknowns, here's the catch: we're organizing a Tuesday musician speed date! Fill this form, tell us about your size, muscular description, oil preference, and more importantly, musical tastes, skills, and a preferred time to join in next Tuesday. We'll then group you in a corra... in a cloned project with three more talented musicians. If you manage to get along with the other idiots and actually make some decent track, expect to be mentionned in the next cohmunity update (which as we all know is a good way to impress ladies, at least when they're drunk).


And don't forget: it's certainly about having fun but it's even more about learning how to make things fun in the future. So we need your feedback: do you like the idea, what's working for you and what is not, how did the speed dating go, etc. Anytime you have a thing to say (or a question), please use this dedicated forum thread!


EDIT: Please make sure to be logged in when submitting. This is necessary to validate your subscription. Thank you.

Rev. 69401 released
8 June 2012
  • Avatars and user information are back within the Ohm Studio application.


  • Various performance/stability improvement and server optimization.