The End18 Sep 2020

A sad news today - Ohmstudio's is about to be shut down at the end of this year.
Ohmstudio started as a dream in 1999. It took us years to build up the experience to start making it, and many more years to create it. Ultimately, while it undoubtedly delivers to this day the most comprehensive collaborative experience to create music, it never met a demand strong enough to be commercially sustainable.
Which isn't not to say it didn't meet a fantastic community. This kind of wording usually rings like hollow PR to us but picture this - many users have hundreds of real, actual songs created on Ohmstudio, and quite a few are in the thousands - over eight years of use. There are 330K users and 640K projects. So when we say we feel humbled by the quality and quantity of music created on Ohmstudio it means something. As opposed to every other DAW we see constantly what you guys are doing and this is mindblowing. The Ohmstudio user community is truly second to none.
Unfortunately, what's not updated is also not maintained, which means that when standards change it stops working. In the last months, the IT Gods have sent several plagues on Ohmstudio, first removing its ability to run on OSX, and now putting an expiration date on several critical services delivered by Amazon AWS.
We studied our options in the last month and came to the conclusion that we are unable to continue maintenance support and operation of Ohmstudio for another year.
Below are some important dates and details regarding the closure.


1.  Application access will cease on 12-31-2020. That means you won't be able to access your project anymore in 2021.
2. web site may remain available with playback and search capabilities only of projects. Under study.
3.  Email functionality will cease at the end of September 2020.  The following functions (and possibly others) will stop working at that time:
  • New Account Creation
  • Project Invites using email  (you will still be able to invite someone to a project within the application ?)
  • Ohmstudio email communication between users
  • Password Resets   
If you require a password reset for your account after September 30th, 2020,  Please send an e-mail to support at ohmstudio dot com to request a password reset.
4.  Refunds  - 
  • If you purchased a pro pack or pro pack XL within the last 12 months, you will receive a refund. 
  • If you have a subscription plan for more than month to month  (eg: 3 mo, 6mo, 1 year), you may request a refund
  • If you have subscriptions on automatic payment, you should cancel your automatic payment.
Note:   To request a refund, send an email to and provide the following information your username or better, forward your bill.
That being said, Ohmforce has been operating Ohmstudio at a loss from day 1, so for those of you who do not wish to obtain a refund and instead consider it a donation, we humbly thank you in advance for your support.

Actions you should take now

You should begin now to organize backups of your projects and export your project tracks to your local machine as you deem appropriate.   
You can export some or all of the tracks, save the midi tracks, take screen shots of your projects to capture information about tempo, time signature, mixer settings, etc.
Efforts are underway by the ohnmstudio user community to potentially provide some tools that will help the legacy of the music created on Ohmstudio to survive along with keeping the user community intact and able to communicate with each other. So stay tuned - there will be some upcoming news about this.
Regardless, start to backup/export your dearest projects. 
There will also be one or several "final" collaborative events. As always check out the community managed Ohmstudio Events Group for extra info.
Also you can reach us at support at ohmstudio dot com for any questions. 
Much Love,
The Ohm Team



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