Getting Started

So you're starting Ohm Studio ? Even if you're not big on reading, follow those steps:

Step 1: download and install UVI workstation Ohm Plug

That one is your all around multi - instrument in ohm studio (even) free version. See instructions here for Windows and here for MAC


Step 2: setup your audio and midi preferences.

See here.


Step 3: setup your VST plugin preferences

See here.


Step 4: get the basics

Several way to do that (in addition to creating a project and try to get it all with your mighty brain)(or die trying)

  • do the build in tutorial  within a project
  • watch that tutorial video (a bit outdated but still handy)

  • if you're already experienced with other DAWs, that feature video will give you a good overview of  Ohm Studio




Step 5: collaborate! 

You haven't experienced Ohm Studio until you have created music with someone. Once logged, open the public tab, listen to projects preview and open one that inspires you. Green light means someone's in. Also read how to collaborate to grasp the essential things implied by Ohm Studio's collaborative features.


I am stuck with something! How do I...

Here is the how do I page for you.


I am still stuck!

If we're putting that point there, it's because it's not uncommon to struggle on some stupid tech issues at first. Don't panic. Digital Audio Business is dirty, especially on PC, and has plenty of mean ways to torture puny musicians. Take a stance and resist! Here is a troubleshooting page to help you fight the good fight. And if that's not enought, ask the chan. If that doesn't work, ask the forum, or mail our support.


But Shall I buy it ?

Here are four reasons to and one controversy. See what you think!



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