The Preferences window is where you can configure various Ohm Studio settings. It is organized under 5 tabs described below.


Press   / ctrl + , to access this menu.



Audio Tab


The Audio Preferences is the default tab.





MIDI devices recognized by Ohm Studio appear in this list and will be available as MIDI Inputs in the Track Header drop-down menu. To disable unused devices, remove the ticks off them.

You may have to download and install drivers specifically written for your MIDI device by its manufacturer.



Record Tab


Enable Preroll to get a count-in before Ohm Studio actually starts recording. Adjust the count-in duration in the Bar count drop-down menu.





Add or remove folders containing VST Plugins to be scanned next time you launch the application. Ohm Studio's built-in Plugins are automatically scanned.






Contrast & Luminonsity - adjust those value to get the desired display settings.

GPU Consumption - increase the refresh rate limit to get a smoother display at the cost of higher GPU and CPU use.

Follow Playhead - enable this option to make the Sequence scroll horizontally during playback so that the Playhead is always visible.

Show Scrollbars - disable this option to hide the vertical and horizontal scrollbars in the Sequencing Panel and in the Gear Panel.




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