How to record audio

(Read this to learn how to set up an Audio Input)



  1. First of all, create an Audio Track.
  2. In the Track Header, select your Audio Input in the Audio Input & Monitoring drop-down menu.

  3. Click on the Arm Record button in the Track Header (or select the Track and press /ctrl + R).

  4. Click in the Timeline to put the Playhead where you want to start recording.
  5. Click on the Record button in the Transport Bar or press R to enable recording.
  6. Click on the Play button in the Transport Bar or press s p a c e  to start recording.

  7. Click on the Stop button in the Transport Bar or press s p a c e  again to stop recording. The resulting Audio Pattern will automatically be uploaded to the Ohm server.



Additional information


You can turn Ohm Studio's Monitoring off while you record by clicking on OFF in the Track Header.


You can record multiple different inputs at once (multi-track recording) by holding shift while clicking on the Arm Record button.


Press  / enter while recording to cancel the ongoing recording and start another take.


You can enable Preroll in the Preferences Record tab, to get a count-in before Ohm Studio actually starts recording.


You can enable the Metronome by clicking on its icon in the Transport Bar.






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