How to restore to a previous state ?

As opposite to any other DAW, Ohm Studio constantly save your project. It means that if there is a crash or a deco, you won't loose any work but still, you may want to restore it to a previous state. This is done with snapshots: a save that is tied to the time it has been created. This means you don't overwrite snapshots or erase them: they just pile up and are never lost (as long as the project isn't deleted, that is). This is important for copyright management: once a snapshot has been created, it proves that the project was in that state as that time. Combined with the inspector's info on every clip it allows to prove added what first. Someone claiming he invented a riff would be in trouble if you can show you were the one adding it the day before, even if he tried so sample it and reimport or replay it to hide his forfeit. 


Of course snapshot will be mainly used because they're handy, especially when someone has damaged the project. Automatic snapshots are made every 15 minutes and every time a project becomes empty (from user). On top of that admin can also create their own snapshots with custom name and screen cap to find them back easily. 


To do this, simply open file and pick make snapshot or restore snapshot. 



Note that restoring a snapshot will kick everyone in to dashboard. The project has then to be reentered. Don't worry, there will also be an auto snapshot of the project before going back to previous state. Also note that the time line reset is always reversible: all the snapshots made after the one reversed to will remain.



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