145 BPM27 Jul 2012

 The Rule 


Do a project at 145BPM. That's all! Ah yes, of course, as usual you'll need Ohm Studio installed. Try to get your audio / midi / vst setup already, but you really don't need more - there are always some help around in the chan it you're struggling with something.

This time the projects will be publis for the duration of the event, but on sunday they'll get private to protect them from the wolves. That being said you can also create your own projects if you want something with only one language or if am not around (because, you know, of sleeping, eating, or my favourite soap opera). I'll be on & off on the chan if you need some help. But! Try to be there on rendezvous: it's always funnier to start in team already.



(please, don't assume you know when that is where you live and check with this kind of site.)

PS  latest events sessions below for your convenience!

Refuelled with Love_1
By: castclub, flavio1967, Guic...
Styles: Rock
Moods: Bright


Refuelled with Love_2
By: Franck, jamie57lp, MojoRider...


Refuelled with Love_3
By: CoinOP, desktroll, flavio1967...
Styles: Pop
Moods: Bittersweet


Refuelled with Love_4
By: ciwolsey, Alexone, Griels, Red_Force
Styles: Electro, Experimental, Funk, Psychedelic
Moods: Effervescent, Energetic



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