Nicks Tricks #1: Midi Out 16 Sep 2012

Note: Cohmmunity post! I noticed on the forum that Nick had a lot of interesting things to share with everyone so I asked him if he would like to write it proper in a column. He kindly accepted, so here it is! Hopefully there will be more if you guys like it. - Red


A light hearted way
to work around a “?”

As you may have found out OHM_studio now has midi out for internal devices but not for external ones.
THE_FORCE have informed me that it is on the “to do” list along with the ”coffee on demand” and the “walk the dog for me please” plugins.
To make sure the “walk the dog for me please” plug in gets a higher priority I have found a way to get midi out of OHM_studio and into mass of hardware filling up my tiny studio.

All you need is ...

IPH midiOut

And it's free

(B.T.W There is a little magic button in the bottom right of the screen which for those of you with a conscience, money or both)

Click on the link and download which version you require.
Once the download is complete you need to open the zip file and extract the midiOut.dll to the map/folder you use for your VST's

Restart OHM_studio

And you can now use midi Out just like any other instrument plug in, just drag and drop to create a new track.



Click on E to select which midi output device you wish to use.



Now select which out put channel you want and that's it! 



TIP: Don't forget to set the audio volume of this MIDI track to 0 or you might think the dog is starting to fart in time with the metronome.

You should now be able to send MIDI tracks out of OHM_studio via your midi I/O into your much loved external Hardware which you probably had to sell your sole to the devil to buy in the first place.

If your playback device is the same as your recording device it maybe very wise to switch off the midi Out during recording to prevent a feedback back loop. Although this will probably not damage your equipment it does sound like four 3 year old children trying to play Bohemian Rhapsody and it will damage your desire to record, so you will end up walking the dog yourself for new inspiration.

Good luck



Great! Thanks Nick!



I have to thank Red for the nose job!

@ Herman : actually this is a very important step if you want to use Ohm Studio with another sequencer too, so you don't need the hardware to want to marry Nick for his help ^^.

That pics really good Nick. :)


Yes that was a fab write-up. Makes me want to go out and buy some MIDI hardware just to try it out.


brilliant!!!! give that man a JOB!!!!