Cheeeeeers!04 Jul 2012


This week's collaboration theme is pretty explicit: do something cheerful (or die trying).


Also note that in our constant effort to experiment on those events, we're moving to a new day - Saturday 7th that is. So pick one of the rendezvous on the forum (or show up on the chat at the proper time) and we'll make you join a cozy private project with one to three other volunteers... and there you go! Music collaboration. No other rules than the cheerful heads up (and tag for the project), no other point than good fun.


Now, people, attention, because after several tries, we admitted the following reality:


We Ohm Brothers mostly speak only English & French, and live (and sleep) according to French time. This means that we're a really poorly fit bunch to help Japanese, Russian or even USA West Coast to make their meeting. So we need... volunteers! Yes, that's you guys, or at least some (the bravest) amongst you.


For this, you need to speak one of those complicated languages (preferably in a population that isn't very fluent in English) and/or live far away from European time, and to be reasonably at ease with Ohm Studio (not expert, just a pair of hours would already be enough). Speaking English/French too is a plus. You are required to be helpful, even with noobs. If you know where to recruit participants, even better. Can you both animate and participate? Yes you can!


If you feel that I just made a striking depiction of you, please raise your hand in the forum.


All of these info now efficiently conveyed, why not give a listen to last week's entries?