Excuse Note28 Sep 2012

Dear Ohmstudites,


I am writing you this to excuse my son Red_Force as he will not be able to organize the collaboration event this Saturday. I am taking him with me to see his grand parents who live in a region in France where they don't even have fiber Internet, which according to my son is mandatory to run a chat software. Also he'll probably be drunk with his grand pa's single malt before 4 PM anyway.


He asked me to tell you it could be an opportunity to "finish what's left in the fridge" and to go back to older collab sessions to give them some love. He also added that if someone painted his or her face in red and, pretending to be His Redness, decided to organize an improvised collab event with a silly theme, he or she would be more than welcome.


Anyway that's just for this week: my son will be back on Monday to organize the next official event that will take place on Friday. He wants to make it clear that Friday is now the official-that-will-not-move anymore day for the official collaboration events. That's because he's about to publish a new graphic novel, you see, so I assume he'll be invited in places to sign books and get drunk on Saturdays. Anyway I've got better thing to do than to write you a note each time so please remember: Fridays, not Saturdays.


One thing before I put him back in my Mercedes boot so we can hit the road : he told me he was doing a video trailer for those collabs and that he would hugely appreciate to get short web cam shots from you ohmstudites doing music in front of your computer, or at least doing nothing illegal. Please contact him via his page with a link to the file if you want to become (moderately) famous on youtube.


That's all, thank you for your attention. I don't get this whole Ohm Studio thing anyway.


Best regards,


Red's mum

short videos !

Red's Mum: by "short webcam shots": does your son mean images captures or short video? Please ask him if he is not too inebriated.


Hey, that's my DUNCE hat...where did you get it!!

Best of luck with the single malt.

Try to keep "his Redness" out of trouble.