Let's Dance!14 Sep 2012

Dance! Dance! But dance on what? Well, you pick, I don't care: I wanna dance, that's all. Rockabilly, punk, hardcore techno or disco or anything else as long as I can forget about myself in the frenzy of the night.


Now as ever this is collab, so you'll do that with random friend from the internet (but you can invite you real friends too...).


If you can't be there, don't hesitate to prepare something in a project and invite me in, I'll include it in the sessions (thx to drumaholic for the idea, Australia being so far away he actually had to come up with it).


So, how to be a part of it?


Install Ohm Studio if not done yet, set up audio, MIDI & VST path at your convenience, check the basics, then connect this Saturday between 3 and 9 PM GMT (beware of the summer time offset!). Find "Red_Force" in the chat list and send me this code phrase "shake that booty Red" (or scream it on the channel for maximum fun). Despite possible latency, I will quickly introduce you to a new project with other people who will all share your goal to throw the princess into a pit and laugh madly.


Songs from the latest event (and their heirs) can be heard using the search box top right (Magnohm P.I. #1 to 3) . A timelapse of a collab can be watched here, or, if you're really intrigued, there's always this longer video


See you on Saturday in the nightclub! Free pass for the girls. Oh, and the boys. And even you, Nick!