Mad Musicians: Tata18 Oct 2012

Do you know Mad men? It's a TV Show where people from an advertising agency design commercials to sell the new products of their time. Mad Musicians theme will be about role playing the musicians for an ad agency making the soundtrack for a TV Spot of a specific, yet to come product. This Friday, the product will be the Tata car. Do you know Tata Air?

It's the future! Maybe! Everyone should have one. Actually, no. Everyone should have several of them!


Up to you to choose the mood, to put lyrics, or a speech, or a barking dog on it. You can also smoke like a mad man, like in a TV Show, but Ohm Force is taking no responsibility (hey, what would you expect?). Lastly, it shall be no less than 1 min and no more than 2!


So, how to be a part of it?


Install Ohm Studio if not done yet, set up audio, MIDI & VST path at your convenience, check the basics, then connect this Friday between 6 and at least 12 PM GMT (we'll try to get further with some help). This is the hour to be at the start of a project but you can complete on the project as long as you want. Find "Red_Force" (or if I am not here, Jamie57lp) in the chat list and send me/him this code phrase "I am full of air!" (or scream it on the channel for maximum fun). Despite possible latency, we will quickly introduce you to a new project with other people who will all share your passion for making a better world through commercials.


If you can't be there, don't hesitate to prepare something in a project and invite me in (as owner, please), I'll clone it as a basis for at least one session.


Songs from the latest event (and their heirs) can be heard using the search box top right "Get Better") . A timelapse of a collab can be watched here, or, if you're really intrigued, there's always this longer video


See you on Friday at the brainstorming!


I made a music video to go with Tata #5

Red_Force temporary download if you want the above videa (although you don't have to do something on that video especially)

I've no hope I'm a mad man!!! TATATATATATATATATA


I hope this one people keep to the theme and try something different. :)