Ohmicide!02 Aug 2012

 The Rule 


"Ohmicide" is our 7th collaboration event since the launch of Ohm Studio's open beta. What happens at those events? Well now you have a video to get a glimpse of it:



Install Ohm Studio if not done yet, set up audio, MIDI & VST path at your convenience, check the basics, then connect this Saturday between 3 and 9 PM GMT (beware of the summer time offset!). Find "Red_Force" in the chat list and send me this code phrase "I am here for the kill" (or scream on the channel). Despite some possible latency I will quickly introduce you to a new Project with other ohmicidal maniacs.


In those, one rule: the Project must use at least 1 Ohmicide multiband dynamic / distortion FX plugin (coming with Ohm Studio). This weapon of choice can be put to good use with any source, drum, guitar, voice, ukulele, in subtle or nuclear ways. The Gourmets can even use its powerful Melohman ability (google that if you want to learn more!) to make the earth explode.


I posted this on a few FB groups, with the latest versions of one of the projects too.