One key20 Sep 2012


Everybody loves music theory. Oh come on. At least some enjoy it. Well, I do. Wait. Actually I don't. I was mixing musical theory and leeks pudding, my bad. 


Anyway, now that we are here, here's the rule: make a project using one key that will use (at least but not exclusively) c#, f# and b in a scale of your choice (and stick to that key, I like monotony. For pitched instruments, that is. Drummers will have their usual "I don't give a damn about the key, dude" freepass for the day. 


So, how to be a part of it?


Install Ohm Studio if not done yet, set up audio, MIDI & VST path at your convenience, check the basics, then connect this Saturday between 3 and 9 PM GMT (beware of the summer time offset!). Find "Red_Force" in the chat list and send me this code phrase "you can pick my notes anytime, Red" (or scream it on the channel for maximum fun). Despite possible latency, I will quickly introduce you to a new project with other people who will all share our unconditionnal love for music theory.


If you can't be there, don't hesitate to prepare something in a project and invite me in (as owner, please), I'll clone it as a basis for at least one session.


Songs from the latest event (and their heirs) can be heard using the search box top right (Let's Dance #1 to 4) . A timelapse of a collab can be watched here, or, if you're really intrigued, there's always this longer video


See you on Saturday in the musicl class! No I am kidding. I am sure John Lennon would have taken the challenge any day of the week, and if he can, anybody can, right? 


Gee I was busy doing some mixing

at the real Studio : )

peace...let me know for the next one

I'll be there



"A" what Andy ? This Collabohmium is difficult enough for us drummers with out you theory people getting all keyed up n stuff!


Cool, I'm glad ya said not Exclusively :) So A will be the easiest and less complex for most.
Guess a Long Deep resonating low A will be the first add. :)