Refuelled with love.18 Jul 2012


 The Rule 


Do you know about Desktroll's "The Horrible, Horrible, Horrible Loving Song" infamous track?

1) Click there and listen to it. It's great. It even features "that funky horn player" as we've promised on the box. And it's entirely made with build in plugins so everyone can do everything on it.

2) This collab will works like that. The base project will be a clone of that song. Each collab group (or each first comer if collab groub isn't here from start) will pick one (1) track and on that track 4 (four) bars somewhere, then isolate it (scissors tool) then REMOVE EVERYTHING ELSE (tracks, clips), and start a fresh project that will feature the preserved 4 bars. Those can still be mangled, edited, timestretched, whatever your nasty mind can think of, etc.

Want to be in? Want to set up your own rendez-vous, at a different time / language? This way, people!


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