Rev. 69475 released14 Jun 2012

  • Compressor: small bug fixes with the Compressor Plugin when used as an expander.


  • Chat: the left sections (i.e. Chatroom and Contacts) are now resizable.


  • Collaborative Freeze: added a warning dialog box when clicking on the Bounce Online button (i.e. "snowflake" icon) if the user does not have all the Plugins contained in a Rack (the user can also use  / ctrl + click to "force" the bounce and bypass the warning).


  • Collaborative Freeze: when a project is loading, there is now an option to automatically enable the bounced version (i.e. "speaker" icon) of a Rack where needed (e.g. some Plugins are unavailable on your computer but a bounced version is available). A message box explains what happens.


  • Chat: users are sorted by username, not activity status.


  • MacOS : disabled Growl notification for the General chatroom by default (the user can re-enable them if he wants to).


  • Other small miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.
Please send a mail to saying what is your browser (so we can figure out why you get windows version instead of mac one). We will answer with direct link for mac version.

Hi Ohm, if I use the automatic link as well as the link above I always get an .exe file! So how to update on the Mac?