Rev. 70260 released03 Sep 2012

  • Private Tracks: Plugins can now host Private Tracks. These are associated to one member: in other words, other members can neither see nor listen to them as well as the Patterns they carry.

    Private Tracks are visible to the creator via yellow shades on the Track Header.

    Other members can see the existence of at least 1 Private Track via orange shades on the Plugin Header.

    A Rack must contain at least 1 Public Track.

  • Bug fix: Mac users can now safely place your cache folder on another drive than the system's.
  • New command added: use the mouse scroll wheel in the Timeline to zoom in/out horizontally.
  • New keyboard shortcut added: Alt  +  L  to zoom into the looped section (   +  L  on Mac).
  • New keyboard shortcut added: Z to zoom into selected Patterns.
  • New keyboard shortcut added:  Ctrl  +  Alt  +  T  to create a new private Audio Track (   +    +  T  on Mac).

Download application here.


cool.:)its getting there;)


I was confused but now I get it, key symbols were small on this screen but it's ALT & CTRL for PC or ⌘ & ⌥ for Mac?


This is the “Dampvalley-Saint-Pancras” release.