Rev. 70727 released12 Oct 2012

Note: this release introduced unwanted crashes that should be resolved by revision 70818.
  • NEW: Velocity Lane.
    You can now increase and decrease Note velocity with vertical bars.

    Toggle Velocity Lane via the Layer Menu.

    Click & drag upwards/downwards to edit velocity for selected notes.

  • NEW: Loop ON/OFF button in the Transport Bar

  • Improvement: Track freely resizable.
    Click & drag upwards/downwards the bottom of the Track Header. Track size is now a private parameter (i.e. per user) just as with Solo or Loop for example.

  • Improvement: Piano Roll freely scrollable
    Use the mouse wheel or the scrollbar over the Piano Keys of the Piano Roll.

  • Improvement: On the Dashboard, you can now choose to perform different actions for each Project by simply left-clicking on the little white arrow on the left.

  • Fixed: Sometimes Ohm Studio would not respond for a long time when closing a Project and coming back to the Dashboard.
  • Fixed: Moving a Plugin from one Rack to another and then undoing could freeze a Project.
  • Fixed: Bottom bar would not sync properly.
  • Resizing/shrinking/moving Rack- and Track Headers is now instant (no animation).



Download application here.

Previous release notes here.

No, that's one of the good side of Ohm : your project will all be there. You'll redownload your datas locally when opening them but that should be pretty seamless. You even won't absolutely need to reinstall your vsts if you were careful enough to collab bounce your tracks. Although ultimately you'll probably have to go through that road, as tedious as it is...

I have a new computer on the way will I need to do anything other then install OHM???

Are the Force "tireless" flavio1967 ?
I had that years ago at a gig. Came out side and some arse had stabbed all four tires!
Any way I'm glad that the Force is Listening to us moaning old and young farts and giving people want they want.
Any news on the "ext midi control dog walking" VST yet ?


I just want to know when I am getting the cute French girl who can sing with the download? And no the cross dressing ain't gona cut it!!! lol


N1, and Orange how you manage to smell with no nose? :)

Thank you even more for your constant support!

OHM_FORCE tireless!! Tx very much for your costant work