Rev. 71120 released07 Nov 2012

  • Improvement : OhmStudioGuest now transmits keyboard shortcuts to the main Ohm Studio process. Consequently, keyboard shortcuts work even when you open a plugin’s GUI.


  • Improvement: It is now possible to cut or reduce the size of an Audio Pattern containing fade-in/out even when the length of the fade exceeds that of the new targeted smaller-sized Pattern.


  • Improvement: Windows users can drag’n’drop audio or MIDI files from a VST plugin’s GUI - provided such feature is available - onto an Audio/MIDI Track in Ohm Studio. Mac users were already able to do this.


  • Fix: an empty Rack with freeze enabled now plays the freezed sound only instead of both freezed sound and the sound heard at its 1st input pin. Such case can happen at the end of a chain when the last Rack has only a Volume Plugin left.


  • Fix: If you crop the beginning of a MIDI Pattern, its Automation Points will not only follow the shift visually but also "audibly" during playback.


  • Fix: If you move an Audio Pattern the volume of which has been modified via the Inspector onto a Track of another Audio Track Plugin, its volume is no longer set to its initial level again.


  • Fix: Changing Audio- or Record Preferences during Record no longer causes Audio Engine to crash.


  • Fix: Contrast- and brightness values now apply automatically on startup.


  • Fix: You can now access elements on the farthest left of the Gear Panel with the mouse when the Chat Panel is hidden.


  • Fix: If Chat Panel is hidden, clicking somewhere on the Bottom Bar no longer brings it back.


  • Fix: You can now create a Pattern, copy it, do undo, and paste it successfully, instead of crash.


  • Fix: In some rare cases, a Sample's waveform would not match the sound it produced.


  • Fix: You can now successfully save and load presets in Oddity and Minimonsta.


  • Fix: On Windows, the Alt Gr key is no longer ignored.


  • Fix: You can now edit a note's velocity with the Pen tool in the Velocity lane, even when another element elsewhere is already selected.


  • Fix: Deleting one of Ohm Studio's built-in Plugin from a Rack while its GUI is still open no longer causes a Crash.



Download application here.

Previous release notes here.



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