The Score: Space08 Nov 2012

Ok, trying something new here. Following our recent Halloween event Herman sent me this: 


As you may have guessed, it's one of the tracks from that event turned into a video thanks to the numerous zombie movies that you can find on Youtube. 

This Friday we'll do that on purpose. Here is another vid but this time I'll ask you to cut the sound before watching it.


Simple: let's make a soundtrack for this. Note that if you play the video with the sound, you'll notice that's exactly what the poster did. 
Quite obviously there are many, many, many ways to do this.


So, how to be a part of it?

Install Ohm Studio if not done yet, set up audio, MIDI & VST path at your convenience, check the basics, then connect this Friday between 4 and at least 12 PM GMT (we'll try to get further with some help). This is the hour to be at the start of a project but you can complete on the project as long as you want. Find "Red_Force" (or if I am not here, Jamie57lp, assuming he recovered from that Sandy girl) in the chat list and send me/him this code phrase "Use the Ohm Force, Luke" (or scream it on the channel for maximum fun). Despite possible latency, we will quickly introduce you to a new project with other people who will all share your passion for making a better world through commercials.


Songs from the latest event (and their heirs) can be heard using the search box top right "75BPM") . 


Note: if you don't know what those collabs are or why they're so cool you'll be mad to miss them, check out that vid:



See you on Friday at the movie theater!

Yes and it helped. Thank you Andy !

I posted that Last Weeks vid on fb here and there.