Sundigger's photo exhibition24 Jan 2013

The Rule: This one's unique! Sunil Sandeep is not only a regular contestant in Friday events but also a brilliant Indian photographer who's doing an exhibition of his work at Sampram Art Gallery (Saras Watipuram, Mysore) on Februrary 15th.
A part of it will be slideshows of his pictures, so why not help him and do a soundtrack for those? This will probably be for you the only opportunity to have your music played on a Mac laptop in an Indian art gallery - you don't want to miss it! Then Sunil will make some picture/video of the thing running next month when it will take place. If you want to know more I'll give a presention of Sunil Sandeep in the comments.


In the meantime here's a picture of him with a picture from him.

(believe it or not, he has just shaved his beard since then and looks like a twelve-year old boy)

You'll be able to get to work on three different slideshows:


  • Sundigger Photo Exhibition: Frozen Moments #1 & #2
    Make a soundtrack for this slideshow (download LQ mp4 to use with a video VST player - like this one for PC ):
  • Sundigger Photo Exhibition: Emotions Unearthed #1 & #2
    Make a soundtrack for this slideshow (LQ MP4):
  • Sundigger Photo Exhibition: Colours of Conciousness #1 & #2
    Make a soundtrack for this slideshow (LQ MP4):


Bonus Track

  • Sundigger Photo Exhibition: Integral
    Make a soundtrack for this slideshow (LQ MP4):

    This one is all three combined. That's 12 minutes long, which is just half of 24 minutes, so stop complaining and make good music.



You'll be able to join one or many of those projects via the public tab. You can also ask Red_Force or Jamie on the chan if you feel you could get some help. We'll be there until 2AM GMT at least but probably longer. Beginner welcomed (download here, setup audio and learn the basics here)!


Oh and if you don't know what those collab fridays are about, this should help.

Here is the bio of Sunil: "I came into this world on June 3rd, 1981 in a quaint, picturesque town called Mysore in India. I have had a keen eye for art and aesthetics and a strong creative instinct from as early as I can remember. Seeing fashion design as an emerging academic trend in India at the time, I obtained a degree in fashion technology in 2001 with a view of it feeding my interests. Finding a rich repository of international literature in my college library, I took it upon myself to explore, in great detail, the bodies of work of many legends in the art world and thus found my sense of visual harmony to be greatly enriched. I was also exposed to other design paradigms, such as architecture, product design, visual design, cinema and photography. Among them all, photography beckoned the most.   I bought my first camera with the prize money that I won at an international fashion design competition in the year 2000. And so began my love affair with the lens. My quest to capture the perfect frame kept me on the move, always seeking ethereal angles and elusive apertures. I experimented with subjects ranging from people, nature, documentary/reportage, to photo-manipulation, compositing and macros. I realized that my strengths lay in taking quasi-painting photographs. While classic B&W photography remained in the background of my mental sightscape, I felt I was still a fair distance from what hovered mystically in the foreground.   My latest body of work, “Colours of Consciousness”, is representative of a quantum leap I've taken in that direction. "