For Tech Republic!03 Oct 2014

For Tech Republic!
When: all weekend
What: Collaboration event - join with other ohmstudites on one (or several) public project according to the rule
The Rule:  Erin is writing a (big) article about Ohm Studio for Techrepublic and she needs some audio from the cohmmunity. Check out here video below:
How to: open public tab and join a project titled "For Tec Republic! #..." or ask for a new one to be created.
Hosts: Red_ForceJamie 57lp




The Video

Red's word: By participating this, you of course authorise Erin & Tech republic to publish it on as part of the article =). Erin has worked quite a lot on this so let's offer here nice tracks!


You guys did great. Here are the projects: #1 #2 #3 #4

And here is Erin wanted to say to you:

"Hello! Just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who worked on music for my TechRepublic article – it's been so cool to hear the different pieces. I'm honored. Also, they've been very well-received in the office. We're going to try and include as many as we can in the final piece (which should be out in the next two weeks). "


I have to agree: projects were all totally awesome. Can't wait for the article!