32 years old. pro. Male. 



I am going to start with Ohm Studio free and see where that takes me.
I am looking to contribute my guitar, mixing, mastering, writing and vocal skills to my projects as well as others.
Guitarist for New Haven, CT based band Fear The Masses (www.fearthemasses.com, also on FaceBook, iTunes, Spotify, LastFM, Pandora, Twitter, YouTube, Reverbnation & other social media).

Support musician for Agrippa93 (FaceBook & Reverbnation).
Creative founder of Chug.
Home recording studio enthusiast.

I'm also a Master Plumber for the State of CT with over 18years of plumbing, heating, hvac, water treatment and gas pipe experience in the residential, commercial, residential, industrial and specialty fields.

Support your local music scene and other local scenes.

Audio stuff

DigiTech GNX4
DigiTech RP500
Peavey Classic 50
Marshall 2x12 cab
Schecter XXX Diamond, Schecter XXX Damien Solo Elite, Ibanez, Epiphone, Fender.
A long list of stomp boxes.
Alesis iO2 Express
Akai MPK Mini
Samsmon SAmp
(2) Sennheiser HD201S
Samson CO1 Studio Condensor
Fender Mustang I (monitor)
(pair) Samson Media ONE 4a
My trusted Emachines.
**Digital Audio Workstation**
FL Studio 11 Signature Edition
**Support DAW**
A various collection of FL, ToonTrack, FISH, 8-bit, DJ turntable/tape, Papelmedia, Poulin and DSK VSTs. Paid and free.
**Support Software**
Cubase LE5, Audacity 1.3, Reaktor 5, Guitar rig 5, Kontakt 5, Verse Perfect, Guitar Pro 6, Power Tab 1.7, Fender FUSE, Digitech X-Edit