12 years old. beginner. Male. 



I like cupcakes and koolaid

Audio stuff

I has gots a Mac,Keyboard,Mac,keyboard,Mac,keyboard,Mac,Keyboard,and a Mac.


hey i know i really need to add drum because it sounds incomplete but the problem is when i try to download any drum kits i get an error so meanwhile please bear with me maybe eventually i will get drums for my songs i hope u guys enjoy and one more thing,please give constructive criticism because i wanna learn from my mistakes and get better i mean I'm fine u don't have to go easy on a 12 year old kid but please criticize with integrity if ur cussing about how awful this is or somtin ( don't worry nobody here is like that ) ,that won't tell me anything nor teach me anything it will just stress me out so id rather listen to someone who criticizes about how it will be nicer to add more bass or to stay more n tune or things like that thnx so much guys for your help please enjoy my songs if u do and if u don't like them there is no need to go about ranting about it just simply don't listen and thats it.Thank You audience and enjoy :D :D :D :D :l :l :l :L ;L ;L


I'm happy i found this software i hope i go far with this