42 years old. confirmed. Male. 



Dada/Surrealist Artist, Writer Musician, Interested in making odd sounds, Bass,Guitar,Writing,Keyboards. Got Started doing analog tape (2 track) when I was a Kid, I still use a bit of analog equipment, a 4 track cassette recorder,a two track 1/4" reel to reel, so i sort of think in "Analog" when I record..

Audio stuff

Washburn Semi-hollow 335 style guitar,Squire Strat Style Guitar, Fender 12 string acoustc/electric, Ibanez Bass, Rouge 6 string acoustic, Violin, mandolin, Kustom, 12 watt tube amp, Roland Jazz Chorus 50, Peavey tnt130 bass amp, Kustom 16 watt bass amp, Peavey 4 channel head with spring, reverb, tons off noise making odds and ends, Keyboards, Electronic Drum Kits etc...