28 years old. confirmed. Male. 



TankHead is a nomadic Hip Hop producer that toes the lines of genres. Originally from Texas, Tank picked up his craft at the young age of 16. Spending 4 years bouncing around Jungle, House, and Hip Hop; Tank decided to study his craft and moved to Minneapolis to attend music school.

After music school, TankHead had a hand in founding the Minneapolis Hip Hop Collective Death Ray Scientific (DRS). During that time, TankHead formed Strange Matter with fellow founding member and lifelong friend, Smash Atoms. After DRS disbanded, the duo produced "Picking Flowers Next to Roadkill" for Kristoff Krane. The album featured POS, Slug, and Eyedea and garnered national press.

TankHead spent time in Denver before planting his roots in Seattle, where he currently resides. Strange Matter is currently in production for their next album. Release TBA.

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My Fellow Texan...I was born and raised in East Texas ... until moving out here to northern CA....URG!!!!


Like your tunes, man!