Ohm Studio v2

Offline mode

While online collaboration can certainly be a game changer where music-making is concerned, Ohm Force believes that it should not come at the cost of working permanently online. Offline mode is currently being developed and expected to be there in a few months. Having you compose on the train, on the plane or in the car (just not while driving) is our #1 priority.

Improved Audio Engine

Ohm Studio’s long development history inspired us to have a well-prepared code for fast refactoring. An impressive performance boost from an already solid level has already been obtained as a result, as you can see here.

Video track

Many users have requested this. Additionally, its uses extend far beyond the music world. Whether it’s about getting voice acting for a machinima, finalizing commercial, track timing with your customer or working on an orchestral movie soundtrack, cloud-based collaboration for pictures and audio can often save the day. Get video always updated while you work, get everyone on the same page with the same visual reference and make audio post production much easier.

Improved collaborative workflow

One clear bonus of a collaborative DAW is that sequence-based information can flow in a much more efficient way than the usual "but I told you there should be no solo after the chorus"/"no you didn’t" manner. While you can already talk in a specific thread or put notes on a clip, these functions are just the beginning. We will be adding a project action history, which is a permanent/temporary thread that can be linked to specific clip, track, etc. Another addition will be a read/unread status for intra project messages.

Improved Recording

Speed up your workflow and get the perfect take thanks to Ohm Studio's new recording features, including overdubing, loop recording, comping and auto-punch.