How to Collaborate



Collaboration in Ohm Studio happens by default within a project. Unless specified otherwise, every action you take is send to the cloud then resend to everyone else within the project. Audio is send in a 3 step process where first version send is highly compressed while latest is lossless so that you have a good overview of the project you enter very fast (seconds) whithout compromising on final quality. Every element in the project is shared nearly instantly (automation, midi, arrangement, mix, etc.). Plugin states is also shared. This means that if you use a build in Ohm Studio plugin everyone will hear what you do with it while you do it.  3rd party VST can also be shared with users who also have them installed. 

Impact on workflow


  • Some 3rd party VST plug-in need this while other don't, so better be safe than sorry! When you're done tweaking a plugin, please hit the manual sync button on the top of your plugin UI.

  • You have to think whether you want your project public or private, visible or hidden. Click here to see how. You also want to know about how to make a track private: see here.

  • If you're using any third party plugin and unless your partners all have your plugins (or unless it's an ohmstudio plugin with the little ohm studio icon),  you have to "collab freeze" them so that everyone can hear what you hear. Note that if your collaboratore are in the project, they'll aslo have to allow collaborative freeze playback (same icon). If they enter the project it will be done by default. You can then go back to the unfrozen version and use the sync button to update the frozen one. 

    Alternaytively you can right click the rack and use one of the two "bounce to new audio track" option. This second way is more appropriate if you feel you're done with the track and want to let other arrange or produce it, as the resulting audio clip will be editable.
  • When you've made a recording, please check that it has finished uploading before you leave the project (or come back later to complete the upload). You can check the state of the upload by selecting a clip and opening the inspector. If not others will not get the full lossless version of your contribution.
    Generally it's not long unless you recorded a lot of tracks at very high sample rate in 24 bit and you have a 56k modem. 



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