Audio Pattern

Audio Patterns are Patterns containing digital audio data in the WAV file format.




When you record audio in Ohm Studio, your recording is automatically copied in your cache folder and then uploaded to the Ohm Studio Server.


When you import an audio file into a project, the file is automatically converted to *.wav if necessary, then copied in your cache folder and finally uploaded to the Ohm Studio Server.


Audio Patterns will play effectively only if they find themselves on an Audio Track.



Upload and download of audio files


In order to achieve a seamless synchronization of audio data, audio files referenced by Audio Patterns are automatically uploaded/downloaded to/from the Ohm Studio Server in 3 different versions.



As you can see in the Pattern Inspector:

  • the 1st version is highly compressed and is therefore quickly uploaded/downloaded, which allows for a near real time collaboration
  • the 2nd version is also compressed but in higher quality
  • the 3rd version uses a lossless compression algorithm, which means it will take longer to upload/download the file completely





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