The Chat is a place where you can talk with currently connected Ohm Studio users.


You and all other online users find yourselves in the General chatroom.


You enter a project-specific chatroom called Project chatroom when you open a Project. It gathers all currently online members of the Project.


You can switch display between both chatrooms by clicking on the one you want to talk in and/or follow.


Using right-click on a message, you can copy either the line your mouse is hovering over (copy message) or the whole conversation (copy conversation).


For each user currently online or in your contact list, there is a status indicator: it is green if the user is online and active, orange if online but inactive, red if offline).


Next to the status indicator, there is a gear button: it allows you to visit the user's Profile on the web, open a Private chat (see below) with him/her, and invite him/her to your currently open Project.


Double-click on a username to open a Private chatroom with any user currently online.


You will be informed of any significant event about your projects or your contacts through a special chatroom that will appear only if there is any incoming notification.






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