Monitoring: MIDI


MIDI Monitoring is a function associated to a given MIDI Plugin that enables/disables the MIDI events (e.g. MIDI Notes) coming from the selected MIDI Input(s).


In order to play a virtual Instrument with a MIDI keyboard, the Plugin's Monitoring function must be enabled.


MIDI Monitoring can be enabled in a MIDI Track Header, or in the Plugin Inspector.



3 modes


  • When ON is selected, the Plugin will always receive incoming MIDI events (i.e. monitoring is always enabled).
  • When AUTO is selected, MIDI events are sent to the Plugin only if a Track is armed for recording (i.e. monitoring is enabled only when the Track's Arm Record is enabled).
  • When OFF is selected, MIDI events are sent to the Plugin only during actual recording (i.e. when the Track has been armed for recording and Record is enabled in the Transport Bar).

In most cases, you'll want to leave it on AUTO and only use the Arm Record button.





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