Mixer view


The Mixer view is the Gear Panel's defaut view.


This view shows Racks and Plugins like on a traditional mixing console, where a channel strip represents a Rack and where an Insert represents a Plugin.

It is the only place where you create Send effects and Aux Racks.



Horizontally, Racks are displayed in the following order:

  • Ordinary Racks on the left
  • Aux Racks, a.k.a. Returns in the middle
  • the Master Rack at the far right



Vertically, we have:


  • The name of the Rack at the very bottom
  • Then solo and mute
  • Volume and panning
  • Outputs
  • List of Sends
  • Finally, we have the name of all the Plugins you insert, the first one on top representing the beginning of the chain.



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