Generally speaking, muting an element means disabling it. The exact behaviour depends on the type of element being muted.


4 types of elements can be muted:




Muting a Rack will make its output(s) silent. On a given Rack, Solo has priority over Mute (i.e. when both Solo and Mute are enabled on a Rack, Mute is ignored).





Muting a Plugin comes back to activating the Power button.





Muting a Tracjk comes back to muting all the Patterns located on that Track.





Muting a Pattern will make its associated Plugin ignore that Pattern and the elements it contains (e.g. Notes).




Additional information


Of the 4 above mentionned, only Track and Pattern mute functions are shared among all members of the Project: a Project member can mute a Rack or a Plugin without affecting the work of other Project members.


There are different ways to mute an element depending on its type:

  • Use its mute button (for Racks, Plugins and Tracks).
  • Right-click on that element and select its mute option in the context menu (for Plugins, Tracks and Patterns).
  • Click on that element with the Mute tool (for Racks, Plugins and Patterns).
  • Select it and press M (for Racks, Tracks and Patterns).





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