Piano Roll Keys

In Edit mode, the Notes contained in a MIDI Pattern are displayed in a traditional "piano roll" fashion.


It helps you see the pitch and duration of every Note you draw or record.


The black and white piano keys at the left side of a MIDI Pattern represent a virtual piano keyboard, which is used:

  • To scroll vertically inside the Pattern's note range (from C-2 to G8) by clicking on the ▲ / ▼ buttons.
  • To send a "MIDI note on / off" event to an Instrument Plugin by clicking on a piano key.
  • To select all the Notes contained in a note range by clicking on a piano key and dragging the mouse up / down to create a selection marquee.


By default, the following actions will automatically trigger MIDI Notes on / off events so that you can audition them:

  • Clicking on a piano key.
  • Editing a Note's position / pitch / velocity.
  • Drawing new Notes.


Click on the speaker icon in the Pattern footer to enable / disable this behaviour.



To see more octaves simultaneously, you can resize the Track.


To show the piano keys in Edit Mode, simply click on a MIDI Pattern.






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