Input / Output Pin

Plugins use Input pins to receive the audio signal sent by the Outpin Pin of another Plugin.


You typically find one stereo Input Pin on every Effect Plugin.


Some Effect Plugins have more than 1 Input Pin, sometimes used as sidechain (e.g. Compressor).


You typically find one stereo Output Pin on every Plugin (i.e. both Effects and Instruments).


Some Plugins have multiple Output Pins to allow for individual effect processing and mixing of each output.


Some Plugins use mono Input / Output Pins.




4 different ways to connect Pins


  • Cable connection
    The Gear Panel's Modular view allows direct access to a Plugin's Input Pin if it's the first Insert in a Rack, and to its Outpin Pin if it's the last. Create virtual cables to connect a Rack's output to another one's input.

  • Send connection
    It is a connection between an "ordinary" Rack's first Output Pin and an Aux Rack's Input Pin.

  • Master connection
    It is a connection between a Rack's Output Pin and a Master Rack's Input Pin.

  • "Implicit" Insert connection
    It is automatically established when you insert a Plugin into a Rack: 2 consecutive Plugins in the Insert Zone of a Rack get their Input and Output Pins connected automatically.




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