The Playhead is a yellow vertical line that indicates the current playback position in the Sequencing Panel.


Click in the lower part of the Timeline to move the Playhead to the desired position.


When the Loop is enabled, you can click repeatedly on the Stop button in the Transport Bar (or press the  / enter key on your keyboard) to make the Playhead switch position from beginning of the Loop to beginning of the Project.


In the Transport Bar, you can see the Playhead's current position in a "Bar::Beat::1/16::Ticks" time format.


Enable the Follow Playhead option in the Timeline Header to make the Sequence scroll horizontally during playback so that the Playhead is always visible.





The Playhead's position determines where recording should start. Enabling record in the Transport Bar automatically moves the Playhead to the closest 1/4th note in the Timeline.


You can enbable Preroll in the Preferences Record tab to get a count-in before Ohm Studio actually starts recording.





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