Project properties


A Project Admin can determine the extent to which the Project will be accessible, browsable and duplicable by setting its properties.





  • A Public Project is visible and accessible to any Ohm Studio user.
  • A Private Project is accessible either on invitation or approval of "membership request" by a Project Admin.


Recent Public Project can be joined by anyone thanks to the Public tab available on both "Dashboards".





This Project Property is relevant mainly to Private Projects, even if you can set a Public project to Closed if you want to.

  • With Open Projects, users can apply for membership (if the Project is Private) or simply open the Project (if it is Public).
  • A Closed Project, on the other hand, can be joined on invitation by an Admin only (i.e. users cannot apply for membership).

Apply for membership by using the Apply button available on a Project webpage. An Admin can then accept or refuse your application.





This Project Property is relevant only to Private Projects.

  • A Project is Visible by default, which means that it appears in search results.
  • A Hidden Project will no longer be listed in search results, nor on the profiles of its members.
    However, a Hidden Project can remain visible in the Showcase of a Project member (assuming that member added that Project to its Showcase).





  • If you make a project Cloneable, any Ohm Studio user can clone the Project (assuming he/she is able to find the Project).
  • Note that Project Admins can always clone a project, even if it is not Cloneable.




Application case 1


To make a project "remixable" by other Ohm Studio users, choose the following properties:

  • Private
  • Closed
  • Visible
  • Clonable



Application case 2


To let any Ohm Studio users join a Project as a Contributor, choose the following properties:

  • Public
  • Open
  • Visible





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