In Ohm Studio, Sends (sometimes referred to as "send effects") are used in conjunction with Aux Racks to create a classical send-return scheme as can be done on a mixing console. Several Racks can "send" their Output signal to the same Aux Rack to be processed by the same chain of effects, typically a reverb or a delay effect.


A Send is a connection between the 1st Output Pin of an ordinary Rack (i.e. the source) and the 1st Input Pin of an Aux Rack (i.e. the destiantion).


Sends are automatically deleted when the Aux Rack they're associated to is removed.


Sends can only be created and edited in the Gear Panel's Mixer view. They are not visible in the Modular view (where you can use Cable Connections instead of Sends).


Use the Send drop-down menu to change the destination of the Send by either choosing an existing Aux Rack or by creating a new one.


The Send level knob lets you adjust the volume of the outgoing audio signal.

This level can be adjusted individually for each send before the signal reaches the Aux Rack (while adjusting the Aux Rack's volume will affect all the sends associated with that Aux). Currently, it's not possible to create an automation for the send level parameter.




Pre-Fader and Post-Fader mode


Click on the little PRE / POST button to switch between pre and post fader mode.


  • In Pre-Fader Mode, the output signal of the Rack will be sent to the Aux Rack before it goes through the Rack's Volume Plugin.


  • In Post-Fader Mode, the output signal of the Rack will be sent to the Aux Rack after it went through the Rack's Volume Plugin.


In either mode, you may want to remove the Rack's Master Connection so that the Rack's ouput signal is not duplicated.





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