Enabling Solo on one or more Racks will mute all other Racks of the same "group" which are not soloed.


Ordinary Racks, Aux Racks, and the Master Rack are in 3 different "groups" (i.e. soloing an ordinary Rack will note mute Aux Racks).


On a given Rack, Solo has priority over Mute.


Like the Rack Mute button, the Solo button is not shared among users: a Project member can solo a Rack without affecting the work of other Project members.



Multiple Racks connected to one another


When enabling Solo on Racks that have their Pins connected by Cable connnections, you have to solo each Rack manually to hear them all.

Here, the upper Rack with the Audio Track Plug-in will not be heard, as the Hematohm Rack is not soloed.


Conversely, the Hematohm Rack will emit no sound, albeit soloed, as the Audio Track Rack doesn't have its Solo activated.






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