The Synchronization issue


When using a VST Plugin in Ohm Studio, it is sometimes necessary to manually synchronize its actual "internal state" with the Ohm Studio server.


More precisely, this "internal state" must be synchronized with the Plugin's state as stored in the document of the Ohm Studio Project.


It is this document, stored on the Ohm Studio server, that makes it possible for multiple users to work on the same Project at the same time.





3 main reasons:

  • The way Ohm Studio manages real-time collaboration.
  • The VST 2 specification was not created with real-time collaboration in mind.
  • Different VST Plugins can have different and sometimes unpredictable behaviors.



Manual Synchronization


Unfortunately, Ohm Studio cannot have one method, perfectly working with every VST Plugin available on the market, to automatically perform this synchronization.


Instead, there's a Manual Sync button for every VST Plugin at the top of its user interface.


For example, if you change the preset of a VST instrument, you may have to manually synchronize it, for your action to be saved in the shared document and so that other Project members are notified in real-time.



When to synchronize manually?


You may encounter 3 different cases when modifying the state of a VST Plugin:


  • Ohm Studio automatically and "silently" synchronizes with the Plugin.
    This usually happens when you change a VST Parameter on the Plugin user interface or in the Plugin Inspector.
  • Ohm Studio automatically synchronizes with the Plugin and you see the Manual Sync button turn yellow for a short period of time.

    This usally happens when you load a new VST preset (a.k.a. patch).
    Ohm Studio's built-in Plugins (e.g. Minimonsta) are synchronized this way.
  • Ohm Studio cannot automatically synchronize with the Plugin and you have to do it manually by clicking on the Manual Sync button.

    This also usually happens when you load a new VST preset / patch.


It is therefore unnecessary to click on the Manual Sync button if you don't change anything on a Plugin.


Use it to force Ohm Studio to remember the preset of a VST Plugin before you close its user interface window.


WARNING: Some VST Plugins, typically sampler instrument, can use very "heavy" presets which can take a long time to upload on the Ohm Studio server depending on your upload speed. It is better to wait a little while before you close the application after you perform a manual synchronisation.





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