In Ohm Studio, a Track is a horizontal lane that holds Patterns, which control the Plugin the Track is associated to.


Unlike in other DAWs, a Track is not a channel strip of the Mixer (see Racks).


A Track is always contained in a Plugin, which can have 0, 1 or more Tracks under its Plugin Header.


There are 2 types of Tracks:

  • Audio Tracks
  • MIDI Tracks



In the Sequencing Panel, a Track Header is located below a Plugin Header, which itself is contained in a Rack Header.


A Rack Header must contain a least 1 Track Header (and its associated Plug-in Header). If you delete the last remaining Track contained in a Rack, Ohm Studio will automatically create a Track for the Volume Plugin.



Audio Tracks


Audio Tracks are used to playback and record audio.


They are associated to the Audio Track Plugin.


Likewise, Audio Patterns are associated to Audio Track.


MIDI Patterns may be found on Audio Tracks but will make no sound.



MIDI Tracks


A MIDI Track is used to playback and record MIDI events (e.g. Notes) and Plugin Parameters automations.


Each Instrument and Effect Plugin needs its own MIDI Tracks to play MIDI Patterns.





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