Transport Bar


The Transport Bar controls the sequencer transport functions such as Play and Stop.


It also displays information about the Playhead's current position.





Click on the Record button or press R to enable Record.


At least 1 Track must be armed for recording in order to do so.


 See how to record audio and how to record MIDI Notes.



Play and Pause


To start playback, click on the Play button or press s p a c e .


To pause playback, click on the Stop button or press s p a c e.





  • 1st click: stops playback.
  • 2nd click: puts the playhead back to the beginning of the Loop.
  • 3rd click: puts the playhead back to begining of the Project.

You can also press return / enter to stop playback.



Transport Display


  • Measures – shows the Playhead's current position in a "Bar::Beat::1/16::Ticks" time format.
  • Click — enables / disables Metronome during playback and recording.
  • Tempo — shows the current Tempo
  • Time Signature — shows the current time signature.





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