Volume Plugin


The Volume Plugin is an Effect Plugin present in every Rack at the end of its chain of inserted Plugins.


It gives each Rack a volume and panning control and therefore serves a mixing purpose.


Its graphical user interface is accessible in the Gear Panel's Mixer View and represents a channel strip of a traditional mixing console.




By default the upper part has a Left / Right - Balance control to adjust the position of the Rack's output in the stereo field. The Pan ontrol can also be set to Mid / Side and Dual mode in the drop-down menu, offering a total of 4 different mode combination.





The bottom part has a fader to adjust the volume of the Rack and a standard volume indicator that displays a representation of the outgoing signal level. It also has a clipping indicator at the top of the level meter that lights up when the signal exceeds 0db during playback.


Both the pan and volume parameters values can be set manually by clicking on their respective text fields.


Double click on a knob/fader to set the parameter to its defaut value.


Right click on the Volume Plugin and select Add track for... to create a Track for that volume plug-in in the Sequencing Panel.



In Modular View


Click on the Plugin's Edit button in the Modular view to edit the Pan Law paramter value in the Plugin Inspector.





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