How to add Automation Points

2 ways to add Automations Points:




Drawing Automation Points


  1. Create a Track for the Plugin which you want to draw Automation Points for (or use an existing Track).
  2. Go to Edit mode.
  3. Select a MIDI Pattern (or create a new one) and open the Inspector.
  4. In the Pattern Inspector, add a Parameter to the list of automated Parameters. You will see the associated Layer automatically get on top in the Pattern.

    You can use the search field to type in the name of a Parameter and quickly find it in the list.
  5. Select the Pen tool in the Tool Bar (or press ⌘ / ctrl to toggle secondary tool when the Arrow tool is selected).
  6. Click inside the Pattern where you want to add Automation Points.


Additional information


You can only create Automation Points for automated Parameters. You can see the list of automated Parameters in the Pattern Inspector and in the Pattern Layer drop down menu.


The top Pattern Layer determines the type of elements (e.g. MIDI Notes) that the Pen tool will draw. Read this to learn more.





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