How to add an instrument

2 ways to add an Instrument:




Creating a Rack with an Instrument Plugin


Drag and drop an Instrument Plugin (e.g. Minimonsta) from the Plugin List onto the Gear Panel:



Inserting an Instrument Plugin into an existing Rack


First, make sure the Modular view is active. Drag an Instrument Plugin (e.g. Minimonsta) from the Plugin List and drop it either...


  • ...onto the top of the Insert Zone of a Rack if it contains either no Plugin or only Effect Plugins (the Instrument will be inserted on top of the chain)...

  • ...or over another Instrument Plugin to replace it (if both the number of Input Pins and the number of Output Pins are identical).





Additional information


To open the Plugin Graphical User Interface (GUI), click either on E in the Plugin Header or on the Plugin's  button in the Gear Panel.


Unlike Effect Plugins, most Instrument Plugins don't have Input Pins. Therefore, they cannot be inserted after another Plugin in a Rack, or anywhere in an Aux / Master Rack.


Instruments that have Input Pins (e.g. Minimonsta) can be placed anywhere in the Insert Zone, just like Effect Plugins.






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